November 30, 2021

N.O.W. Nerd Out Weekend

Collective Citywide Convention

Welcome to our CON Page!!!

Two Fun-filled Days of Fandom at Various Awesome Locations in York, PA!!

Two Fun-filled Days of Fandom at Various Awesome Locations in York, PA!!
Are you ready for the newest and coolest concept in fan conventions?!  
On October 16 and 17, 2021 the first annual First Capital City Convention will be held throughout the city for fans of all types!   The coolest activities, the coolest vendors and the coolest guests will all be there!  Get your GPS ready and visit the most awesome fan-related sites throughout York- all holding special events!
If you are into:

  • Gaming
  • Cosplay
  • Comics
  • Authors
  • Books and media
  • Entertainment (Dining, Arcade, Bars, Screenings etc.)
  • Escape rooms
  • Panels of all types (sci-fi, writing, panel discussion, etc.)
  • SWAG!!!! Finding those special items that you can’t live without!

All this and MUCH MORE will be available at a FANTASTIC PRICE and at York’s MOST AWESOME FAN-BASED LOCATIONS such as comic shops, book stores, gaming shops, escape rooms, curio shops, and more!
Not only will these places be available for your perusal but they will have special offers, events, guests and activities for all attendees!
Also, you dont hafta’ miss an event at another location- All major events and panels will be live-streamed for all attendees to enjoy!
So, what are you waiting for? 
Get your passes and enjoy some Out of this World FUN!!!!

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